Lehigh University Modern Languages and Literature - Image of Chinese figureRequirements for the Chinese Major:

Click here for declaration form (Chinese Major)  and CAS Major Declaration Powerform  Both forms need to be completed.

The major in Chinese will require 36 credits: a minimum of 24 credits in courses taught in Chinese, plus 8 credits at the 200 or 300 level of Chinese language and literature (marked CHIN). Courses offered in English in MLL on Chinese literature and history may be included in the major and a maximum of two courses outside of MLL in the Asian Studies Program that are concerned specifically with China, such as those available in International Relations, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, etc., by approval of the major adviser.

Study Abroad: Approved study abroad programs in China require prior consultation of adviser, associate dean and registrar, to make sure that courses and credits earned are transferable to Lehigh. Where appropriate, Financial Aid should also be consulted. Program listings and scholarship application forms may be consulted in the MLL office. A maximum of 8 credits for summer, 12 credits for a semester, and 16 credits for a year of study abroad may be transferred toward the major.

Advanced Placement: Advanced Placement and CEEB credits count towards graduation and towards the major. Transfer students may transfer up to 12 credits towards the major.

Requirements for the Chinese Minor:

 Click here for Chinese Minor Declaration Form

Any combination of Chinese language courses for a minimum of 16 credits. 

Please visit the online Course Catalog for Chinese course listings:

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