Eunice Cortez

Teaching Associate Professor
Williams Hall, Room 425
Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, Temple University


Language Ideologies and Racist Language in the Peruvian Society, Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics


My research examines interrelations between social categories and language use, emphasizing how language intersects with social and discursive practices in the Peruvian society. Despite the country’s multicultural and multilingual diversity, interpersonal interactions are constantly marked by racial ideologies. In a phenomenon that can be observed throughout Latin America, racialization of language is one of those markers of differentiation. In Peru, Andean Spanish is a contact variety between Spanish and Quechua, an indigenous language. Urban speakers of the standard variety usually mocked the Andean variety in daily interactions. Hence, language diversity or being perceived as a speaker of a language other than standard Spanish, signals conflicting interactions in Peruvian society.

In my book entitled Identidades del español andino: estudio sociolingüístico (Lima: Pakarina-Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 2020), I use the tools and methods of sociolinguistic analysis to show how the sociolinguistic practices and language attitudes toward the indigenous languages highlight global processes changing and restructuring new transnational identities in the Peruvian Andean communities.


At Lehigh University, I teach language classes at an intermediate and advanced level of proficiency in Spanish. My classes are oriented to further develop linguistic fluency and cultural awareness about the Hispanic, Latinx, Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities in Latin America and the US. I am also a faculty member of the Latin America and Latino Studies Program at Lehigh.

Courses during 2022-2023:
SPAN 011    Spanish Intermediate I 
SPAN 012    Spanish Intermediate II
SPAN/LALS 211    Business Spanish 
Courses previously taught:
SPAN/LALS 213 Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Film 
SPAN/LALS 197 Spanish Pronunciation and Language Variation 
SPAN 141 Spanish Advanced Grammar 
SPAN 001 Spanish Elementary I