Name E-mail Interests
Nada Hamouch nah314@lehigh.edu
Name E-mail Interests
Thomas Chen thc316@lehigh.edu modern Chinese literature and cinema
Constance Cook cac8@lehigh.edu The study of excavated texts from ancient China.
Xiuyuan Mi xim223@lehigh.edu
Limei Shan lis208@lehigh.edu
French and Francophone Studies
Name E-mail Interests
Victoria Bergstrom vib323@lehigh.edu
Taïeb Berrada tab409@lehigh.edu Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Francophone Literatures, North African Literatures and Cultures
Ryan evelyn rye222@lehigh.edu
Name E-mail Interests
James Kopf jak522@lehigh.edu
Vera Stegmann vss2@lehigh.edu Modern German literature and culture, aesthetics of music and the arts
Name E-mail Interests
Naomi Gal nag522@lehigh.edu
Name E-mail Interests
Kiri Lee kjl2@lehigh.edu Japanese/Korean pragmatics; Heritage language education
Kyoko Taniguchi kyt213@lehigh.edu Representations of motherhood in contemporary Japanese literature and culture
Nobuko Yamasaki noy215@lehigh.edu Japanese & Japanophone Literature, Comparative Literature, Film, Art, Memory & History, Gender & Sexuality
Name E-mail Interests
Mary Nicholas man3@lehigh.edu Soviet and post-Soviet art and literature
Name E-mail Interests
Jessica Brandt jark@lehigh.edu
Matthew Bush matthew.bush@lehigh.edu 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature and Culture
Eunice Cortez euc214@lehigh.edu Language Ideologies and Racist Language in the Peruvian Society, Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics
Adriana Perez Limon lap519@lehigh.edu
Lindsey Reuben slr317@lehigh.edu 20th and 21st Century Spanish Cultural Production
Name E-mail Interests
Marie-Sophie Armstrong ma07@lehigh.edu 19th and 20th century French fiction
Marie-Hélène Chabut mc01@lehigh.edu 18th century French literature, especially the novel, writers such as Denis Diderot, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire, and women writers such as Charrière, Graffigny and Riccoboni.
David Pankenier dwp0@lehigh.edu From the history of ideas in ancient China, to cultural astronomy, to archaeoastronomy.
Antonio Prieto ap01@lehigh.edu Contemporary Latin American and U.S. Latino literature and culture