Lehigh University Modern Languages and Literature - Photo of GermanyGerman is the language with the largest number of native speakers in the European Union. It is also the second most commonly used scientific language in the world and the language of Einstein, Freud, Kafka, and Mozart. Germany has the fourth strongest economy and is one of the world’s largest export nations. Knowing German creates business opportunities and provides deeper insights into a region that plays a vital role in central Europe’s intellectual, cultural, and economic life.

At Lehigh we offer a major and a minor in German. Questions about the major or minor should be directed to Professor Vera Stegmann.

Requirements for the Minor in German (click on link to access minor declaration form)
16 credit hours in German are required above GERM 002.  This includes GERM 011, GERM 012, and courses in German that are 100 level and above. To count for the minor, all courses need to be taught in the German language.

Requirements for the Major in German (click on link to access major declaration form)  CAS Major Declaration Form (both forms must be completed)
32 credits in German are required beyond GERM 002. This includes GERM 011, GERM 012, and courses in German that are 100 level and above. Two courses may be taken in English when the class is taught by a German faculty member and when the writing assignments are completed in German.

Requirements for the Departmental Honors Major
Requirements are the same as for the regular major in German, plus 8 additional credit hours in advanced literature and culture studies in German. 

Study Abroad 
Foreign study requires prior consultation of Advisor, Associate Dean, and Registrar, to make sure that course grades and credits earned are transferable to Lehigh. Where appropriate, Financial Aid should also be consulted. Program listings and scholarship application forms may be consulted in the MLL office. A maximum of 16 credits may be transferred toward the ordinary major and 24 credits toward the honors major for a year abroad, 12 credits for a semester.

Advanced Placement
Advanced placement and CEEB credits count towards graduation but NOT towards the major. Transfer students may transfer up to 12 credits towards the major.

Please visit the online Course Catalog for German course listings:

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