Limei Shan

Teaching Associate Professor
Williams Hall, Room 404
Limei Shan earned her B.A. in Russian from Northeast Normal University in ChangChun, China, and her M.A. in Education from East China Normal University in Shanghai.  While in China, she taught Chinese at the Shenzhen New World Training Center and English at Donghu Middle School in Shenzhen.  She worked as a Chinese teacher at Ross Global Academy Charter School in New York City from 2006 to 2007.  She joined Lehigh University as an Adjunct lecturer and now she is a professor of practice of Chinese in MLL at Lehigh University.  In 2014, she obtained her M.Ed. in Globalization and Educational Change from Lehigh University with a concentration area in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). She has taught all levels of Chinese language classes at Lehigh, shouldering a large part of the Chinese section language curriculum.  Prior to Lehigh she has worked for CAPE (later switched to for three years to design and deliver online Chinese language instruction to Pennsylvania students from 4th grade through college in a remarkably innovative program.  She taught students from at least six different school districts and universities spread across the state of Pennsylvania.  She initiated and provided instructions for Seton Hill University Chinese Program level I to IV as an adjunct instructor. 


Courses Taught:
Beginning Spoken Chinese
Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing
Intermediate Spoken Chinese
Advanced Chinese Reading & Writing
Advanced Spoken Chinese
Newspaper Readings in Chinese
Business Chinesen (Intermediate and Advanced)
Survival Chinese
Chinese short stories