Mary A. Nicholas

Lehigh University Modern Languages and Literature - Mary Nicholas
Williams Hall, Room 406
PhD, University of Pennsylvania


Soviet and post-Soviet art and literature


An award-winning teacher, Mary Nicholas is Professor of Russian in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Lehigh University. She is the author of Writers at Work: Russian Production Novels and the Construction of Soviet Culture (Bucknell University Press, 2010) and the forthcoming monograph Moscow Conceptualism: Words and Deeds of a Radical Art Movement, as well as numerous articles on Soviet and post-Soviet art, prose, and poetry. 

Courses Taught:

Russian language, elementary to advanced
Russian literature, in the original and in translation
Russian cultural history, medieval to modern

Selected Publications:

“Performing the ‘Communication Tube’: Artistic Words and Actions in Moscow, 1975-2015,” forthcoming 2017.

“Rereading Moscow Conceptualism.” Slavic Review, Spring 2016, 75, 1: 22-51.

“Eto odna kasha: Word as Image in Work by Dmitrij Prigov.” Russian Literature, 76, no. 3, November 2014, 361-80.

"'We Were Born to Make Fairytales Come True': Reinterpreting political texts in unofficial Soviet art, 1972-1992." Canadian Slavonic Papers, special issue devoted to the end of the Soviet Union, 53, no. 2-3-4 (2011), 335-359.

"Artist and Words"/ "Khudozhnik i ego slova."English/Russian essay on artist Yuri Albert. Yuri Albert, “Exhibition.” Moscow: Novosti, 2007, 2-27.