Matthew Bush

Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies
Associate Chair, Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures
423 Williams Hall
PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder


20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature and Culture

Matthew Bush’s research and teaching examine contemporary Latin American narrative and culture, focusing primarily on Mexico, Peru, and Argentina. His most recent book Other Americans (2022) examines the representation of Latin America across a host of mediums including Hollywood films, Netflix series, and contemporary novels, to probe the role of negative affect in hemispheric relations. He is also the author of Pragmatic Passions (2014), which explores melodramatically framed socio-political discourse in narratives from early to mid-20th century. He is co-editor of the volumes Technology, Literature, and Digital Culture in Latin America (2016), which examines writing practices in Latin America and their dialogue with contemporary technologies, and Un asombro renovado (2017), which explores the resurgence of avant-garde aesthetics in contemporary contexts. His interests include critical theory, affect studies, melodrama, historical and neo-avant-garde artistic practices, the Latin American social novel, and media and globalization in contemporary Latin American art. 

Courses Taught:

SPAN 152 Cultural Evolution of Latin America
SPAN 213 Approaches to Cultural Productions in Spanish
SPAN 392 The City and the Country in Spanish American Narrative
SPAN 393 The Boom and Beyond
LAS/ENG/GS 202 Latin America in Fact, in Fiction
LAS/ENG/GS 302 Travel and Adventure in Latin American Fiction 

Selected Publications:


Other Americans: The Art of Latin America in the US Imaginary. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P, 2022.

Pragmatic Passions: Melodrama and Latin American Social NarrativeMadrid: Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2014.

Edited Volumes

Un asombro renovado: Vanguardias contemporáneas en América Latina. Co-edited with Luis Hernán Castañeda. Madrid: Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2017.

Technology, Literature, and Digital Culture in Latin America: Mediatized Sensibilities in a Globalized Era. Co-edited with Tania Gentic. New York: Routledge, 2016.

Articles and Book Chapters

"Screen Time: The Digitalization of Latin American Literature and Culture.” A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture (2nd Edition). Sara Castro Klarén, Editor. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2022. 671-84.

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Procedimeintos de la nostalgia: Bolaño y Aira frente a la vanguardia.” Co-written with Luis Hernán Castañeda. Un asombro renovado: Vanguardias contemporáneas en América Latina. Matthew Bush and Luis Hernán Castañeda, Editors. Madrid: Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2017. 221-43.

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