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Spring 2022

MLL/ASIA 072-010 Ghosts, Monsters, and J-Horror M, F 3:00 PM-4:15 PM
Professor Taniguchi / CRN 15107 / CAMP, HU / 4 credits
MLL/ASIA/HIST 075-010 Chinese Civilization M, W 1:35 PM-2:50 PM
Professor Cook / CRN 15103 / BUG, CAMP, HU / 4 credits
MLL/ASIA/WGSS 098-010 Sex, Power, (Wo)man, Silence M, W 12:10 PM-1:25 PM
Professor Yamasaki / CRN 13898 / CAMP, HU / 4 credits
What do women say in their writings when their voices are silenced? What does silence speak to you? How do gender, sexuality, and
power articulate one another? Through the study of selected short stories, novels, films, and anime, this course examines various
voices, cultures, histories, and societies in Japan. No prior knowledge of Japanese language is required. An introductory course
taught in English.
MLL/GS 128-010 World Stories: Fictional Expressions of Globalization M, W 12:10 PM-1:25 PM
Professor Landry / CRN 15111 / BUG, CAMP / 4 credits
MLL/GS 129-011 The Global Workplace: Preparing to Work around the World M, W 1:35 PM-2:50 PM
Professor Nicholas / CRN 15133 / CAMP, HU / 4 credits
MLL/ASIA/GS 198-011 Chinese Literature in the World M, F 12:10 PM-1:25 PM
Professor Chen / CRN 15125 / CAMP / 4 credits
What place does Chinese literature occupy in the world? In this course we will read and discuss important works of modern Chinese
fiction and drama alongside critical and theoretical writings on world literature. Student papers will integrate these discussions to
reflect on questions such as center/periphery, national form, and canon formation. The course objectives are to introduce students
to current debates on the topic of world literature and to resplendent modern Chinese short stories, novellas, and plays. All readings
are available in English.
MLL/ENGL/GS/LAS 202-010 Latin America In Fact, In Fiction M, W 12:10 PM-1:25 PM
Professor Bush / CRN 15373 / BUG, CAMP, HU / 4 credits
MLL/ASIA/FILM/FREN 298-011 North African Cinema (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)
M, W 12:10 PM-1:25 PM Professor Berrada / CRN 15147 / CAMP, HU / 4 credits
This course deals with North African Cinema and more specifically with the region called the Maghreb. We will be looking at visual
representations of postcolonial subjects by male and female filmmakers from the Maghreb. We will investigate how the
sociopolitical context of countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia informs the constitution of subjectivity within a multicultural
and multilingual community. We will look at issues such as patriarchy, nationalism, colonialism, postcolonialism, identity, migration,
sexuality, gender and Islam in North African films from Franco-Arab traditions. Course taught in English with specific requirements
for Minors and Majors in French and Francophone Studies.
MLL 299-010 Modern Languages & Literature Special Topics
Professor Cook / CRN 13938 / 1-6 credits
MLL 300-010 Apprentice Teaching
Professor Nicholas / CRN 12398 / 1-4 credits
MLL/ENGL/FILM/GERM/WGSS 303-011 Grimms' Fairy Tales: Folklore, Feminism, Film
M, W 1:35 PM-2:50 PM Professor Stegmann / CRN 15059 / BUG, CAMP, HU / 4 credits
MLL/WGSS 403-011 Grimms' Fairy Tales: Folklore, Feminism, Film M, W 1:35 PM-2:50 PM


Professor Stegmann / CRN 15098 / CAMP / 3 credits

Fall 2022

MLL 090-11 - Banned Books and Other Words (Almost) Too Dangerous to Mention- 4 credits (HU) 

1:35pm - 2:50pm (MW)
Mary A. Nicholas

In 2021, attempts to ban books in the United States surged to their highest level in 20 years. Elsewhere around the world, censorship kept books, films, paintings, performances, even individual phrases and words out of common circulation. Moves to control what the public knows have a long history in most cultures, though the reasons individual works are banned vary from place to place, including censorship to extend political control, maintain public “decorum,” protect community values, or enforce traditional divisions in society. We’ll explore twentieth- and twenty-first-century works of literature, film, art, and music that have been banned around the globe to understand what motivates the censors and the ingenious dissenters who find and share such “dangerous” material. Assignments will include written responses, active discussions in class and online, and group projects.


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