Vera Stegmann

Lehigh University Modern Languages in Literature - Vera Stegmann
Associate Professor
Williams Hall, Room 496
PhD, Indiana University - Bloomington


Modern German literature and culture, aesthetics of music and the arts

A native of Germany, Vera Stegmann received her PhD in German Studies from Indiana University with a graduate minor in Comparative Literature. She also studied music, and she earned a BA and MA in Spanish at the University of Missouri. At Lehigh she teaches the full spectrum of advanced German courses –- German language, literature, culture, film, theater, and business.

Much of her research has focused on Bertolt Brecht, a major playwright, poet, and public intellectual of the twentieth century whose anti-fascist writings forced him into exile during the Nazi regime. Vera Stegmann has published a book and numerous articles on the aesthetics of German writers and composers who were persecuted during World War Two. Her new research project concentrates on postwar and post-wall Germany, an immigrant nation. She traces questions of integration, multiculturalism, and contemporary German identity, as they are reflected in the works of transnational authors writing in the German language.

Selected courses taught:
German 163:                       German Civilization and Culture
German 167:                       Conversation and Composition
German 169:                       Business German
German / MLL 231:              New German Cinema
German 240:                       Contemporary Germany
Germ/Engl/WGSS/MLL 303: Grimms’ Fairy Tales: Folklore, Feminism, Film
German 305:                       Modern German Literature
German 320:                       Berlin: Transformations of a Metropolis

Book publication:
Das epische Musiktheater bei Strawinsky und Brecht: Studien zur Geschichte und Theorie. New York: Peter Lang, 1991. 202 pp.

Selected recent articles:
Deutschsein: Zafer Şenocak’s Poetic and Enlightened Vision of a Cosmopolitan German Identity.” Türkisch-Deutsche Studien: Jahrbuch 2016 (Göttingen: Universitätsverlag, 2017). Vol. 7: 119-137.

“Navid Kermani’s Literary Reflections: On Kafka, Brecht, and the Koran.” The Brecht Yearbook Vol. 40 (2016): 198-215.

Verfremdung or Verwandlung: A Brechtian Look at Yoko Tawada’s Works.” Communications from the International Brecht Society Vol. 43-44 (2014-15): 58-64.

"Theater as Metaphor in Orhan Pamuk's Novel Snow." Proceedings of the 13th ISSEI Conference at the University of Cyprus. Ed. Marianna Papastefanou, 2014.

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