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The Japanese section offers a major in Japanese studies and minor in Japanese language. Questions about the major/minor should be directed to Professor Kiri Lee.

Japanese Major Requirements

The major in Japanese Studies requires 35 credits: a minimum of 23 credits in Japanese languages beyond JPNS 002; 3 credits from Study Abroad in Japan, and a minimum of 9 credits (or 3 courses) in Japanese literature and culture courses offered in English in MLL (electives). For elective courses, a maximum of two courses can be taken outside of MLL, either from study-abroad or the list of Japanese-related courses offered in the Asian Studies program. If a student is financially or academically unable to fulfill the study abroad requirement, other options could be negotiated with an advisor’s approval. 


  1. Japanese language courses (see recommended sequence below) = 23 credits
  2. Study Abroad (3) = 3 credits
    If a student is financially or academically unable to fulfill this requirement, other options could be negotiated with an advisor’s approval.
  3. Electives:  Courses on Japan taught in English. 3 courses = Minimum of 9 credits
    Electives can include credits from study abroad. Maximum of two courses offered outside of MLL are allowed. The following courses in the Asian Studies program cover topics related to Japan:

    ASIA 010; ASIA 012; ASIA 061; ASIA 068; ASIA 119; ASIA 127; ASIA 140; ASIA 142; ASIA 162; ASIA 164; ASIA 170; ASIA192; ASIA 193; ASIA 337; ASIA 340

Total: 35 credits

Students must take the Elementary Japanese I (JPNS001) in the first semester upon arrival at Lehigh unless they have previously studied the Japanese language equivalent to JPNS 1 and 2. The following is the recommended semester-by-semester roster.

Semester 1: JPNS 001 (prerequisite)

Semester 2: JPNS 002 (Prerequisite)

Semester 3: JPNS 011, One course in MLL/Asia

Semester 4: JPNS 012, One Course in MLL/Asia

Semester 5: JPNS 131&151, One course in MLL/Asia  OR Study Abroad

Semester 6: JPNS 132&152,

Semester 7: JPNS 231

Semester 8: JPNS 232, JPNS 290 (Major Paper)

Complete the major declaration form and the CAS Major Declaration Powerform linked below to declare a Japanese major. Both forms need to be completed.

Japanese Minor Requirements

The minor in Japanese requires a minimum of 16 credit from any combination of Japanese language courses. A maximum of 8 credits hours can be transferred.

Complete the minor declaration form linked below to declare a Japanese minor.

Please visit the online Course Catalog for Japanese course listings.