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Russian is the first language of over 150 million people; an estimated 100 million more use Russian as a daily second language. One of the six official languages of the United Nations, Russian is the language of Europe's most populous nation and the eighth most common language in the world. The country is home to nearly 200 ethnic groups, and citizens of the multi-confessional state include, among many other groups, the largest population of Muslims in Europe. Russia is also home to the fourth largest immigrant population in the world. The Russian Federation is the largest country in Europe and Asia, where it spans and influences life on both continents. The region’s strategic importance, its many challenges, and its diverse, rich, and complicated cultural history are essential subjects of study in the twenty-first century.

The department offers communicatively based courses in elementary, intermediate, and advanced Russian language. Occasional offerings in Russian literature, film, art, and cultural history allow students to explore the rich and vibrant world of Russian culture.

Russian Minor Requirements

16 credits hours of Russian courses at any level. A maximum of 8 credits hours can be transferred.

Complete the minor declaration form linked below to declare a Russian minor.